Garden Birds

Wicklow is often referred to as The Garden of Ireland and gardens are where children usually encounter the natural world for the first time. As a trained horticulturist, Declan is actively involved in gardens on a daily basis and much of his daily birdwatching takes place in his own garden or those of others. In his opinion gardens are often undervalued as a natural habitat...

"Gardens are where we encounter nature up close and personal and on a level we cannot achieve elsewhere. Here, we can be lost in admiration at the vibrant iridescence of a Magpie's wing, the cheekiness of our resident Robin and the antics of the Blue Tits on the Peanut feeder. We can touch, we can feel, we can smell and we can see - we always could...but many of us have forgotten how. We need to see the wonder of the world around us with the freshness of a child's curiosity."

Declan's Gardening for Birds presentation is one of his most popular and always well received. An interview with David Metcalf in June 2018 shows just how popular this talk is.
If you would like further information on this talk please contact Declan.

Declan is always keen to point out that feeding birds is to be highly encouraged in order to maintain the biodiversity of our gardens and to help species such as Goldfinches and Song Thrushes which suffer due to habitat loss. While any supplementary feed is better than none, it is most beneficial if the correct foods are provided....
"We are so fortunate here in Ireland to have a dedicated Irish company, Irish Garden Birds, to cater for all our garden birds needs; from feeders to a selection of foods designed to attract the widest possible selection of birds to our gardens...start to discover nature by feeding birds."